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Without our consent, without our buy-in – and without offering the Strand a shred of protection against arbitrary bureaucratic excess – on June 11, 2019, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (Landmarks) voted unanimously to designate the Strand’s building as a landmark.

The hearing on June 11, 2019, where the Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously designated 826-828 Broadway, The Strand Building, a New York City landmark.

View the Press Conference filmed by Bader Media.

Photo by Natan Dvir for the New York Post; June 11, 2019.

While this sounds like it should be an honor, it is far from that.  And we fiercely opposed landmarking the Strand for the following reasons:

Operating a landmarked building is very expensive; dealing with Landmarks for every change to our building involves human and capital resources which the Strand – a fragile 92-year-old independent bookstore – simply does not have and its business simply cannot sustain.

Our building is not endangered–the building has no air rights and no additional buildable space that would appeal to a developer. As a family owned and operated business, the Bass Wyden family has taken excellent care of the Strand’s building for over 63 years, and that will never change.

The Strand is already a landmark.  Our patrons in New York and around the world know that.  We don’t need the decree of bureaucrats to tell us this. Our only mission is to put great literature into the hands of readers.

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